Friday, May 4, 2007


There is a saying that the biggest game you play in life is that of LIFE.It is a game that you start playing right from the day you know what life is.It is a matter of few months or years before every one realizes that he/she is playing the game. It is such a game where you are playing with your own self as the opponent and as the team mate. It is so very interesting that once you get engrossed in it, very few things can actually pull you out of it. But the matter of fact is how and why we play this game. There is no single entity on this earth who has the same reason for playing the game.

One thing that I have obsereved with time is that before you commit yourself to this game, there would have been a few things that you would have done and they definitely have an effect on the proceedings of the game. It may be in the pessimist or optimist sense. If life is a business model, then we are the businessmen of this model. So how well we manage and run the business is what matters at the end of the day.

In this business model the only constant factor is CHANGE. How well you adapt to this particular factor at various moulds is what differentaites a winner from a non winner. One has to realise that everyone is born as a winner as every single entity is unique in his/her own way.Just that we get diluted in the process because of this vice of immitating others and therefore the game of Life has become so very complicated for majority of the mankind.

Coming back to CHANGE, it can happen out of the blues to anyone anytime. You may never know when it strikes, but one thing for sure when it strikes its lethal, quite similar to a fast bowler's inswinging yorkers. There have been times when the riding have been smooth with a predictable closure written on the wall but from no where the storyline drifts apart and the script takes a U turn to force most of the homosapiens run for cover. It has happened to everyone of us in our day today lives. Few have realised it and many have failed to know the CHANGE.
What matters is however who has the guts to face the PUNCH of CHANGE and stand up once again to face it because the game continues till you breathe your last. So instead of falling with one punch, if you keep walking up to your next punch then you are helping your self in gaining the experience of facing the punches with better mind set. Experiencing CHANGE is the biggest experience one can gain in his/her life time because by experiencing diversity one is increasing one's probability of inching towards success. There are times when a common man may ask an experienced man on what success has he gained by taking the punches but the common man fails to realise that success is no packaged tangible product. It is something that is intangible and is felt within. It is a sweet that is savoured without putting your tongue into it.
One can conclude by stating the fact that to be successful in life one needs to take the punches every given time rather than shying away from it. Because with each punch you go into one higher level in the social circle. The confidence that you gain post punch can only define what lays ahead in this lonely journey of life.