Monday, December 18, 2006

Thoughts & Words- Play Them Your Way

The power of expression since ages has been termed as the birth right of a living entity. It is a right enjoyed by anyone. Denying anyone of such rights can be considered unlawful under a perfect economic condition. How we express is a pivotal question in the process of executing expression. Expression is an instant flow of emotion on being affected by a current situation or a sudden out burst of thought flow when things of the past sweet days come rushing back to tamper a bit of your memory cell. The recent advertisement of a cellular service provider significantly makes it clear that expression is the key to success. To live, one needs to explode so that the recycle bin of the human thought system is emptied on regular intervals, thereby giving scope for creativity and innovation to be re-defined with an additional flavour to it. To communicate is to express, that is what was always taught to us in our elementary classes. I wander as we grow in life, how many remember the lesson imparted by the sweet little teacher of the hay days. Whether you write, speak, keep silence or show body gestures, you are just crafting yet another mould to the world of expressive communication.

The art of writing has been a powerful mode of expression as it leaves the permanent mark of the ink for people of all generations to use it as a source of documentation. It is rightly said, pen is mightier than sword!

For me writing has come natural for reasons best known to the almighty. It is through this mode that I have always felt comfortable in expressing my thought process and displaying my emotions and attitude. People say that aggression comes with action and if we substitute action with expression, then the exact meaning of aggression gets a whole new fresh look. The league of writing is class apart as it builds in you, your wants though you never get a feel of how time passes by with literature. Writing is a pipeline and every bit one writes is just one step further. One starts fresh with ideas knocking the complexity of the brain and as the thoughts start getting a look of tangibility, the stature of the person grows in size and by the time, the piece of execution is over, the maturity of the individual would have reached a new high, taking you one more day ahead in life, a bit faster than your colleagues and peers. This expressive mode is faster than electricity as it ignites current with the power generated from literature.

My experience with writing has been a fruit reaping one in every sense. If Sachin has been scoring all those important runs for the country courtesy practice, then I have been growing with maturity every single day due to my writing which has been inculcated within me as a habit or a practice. It is such a beautiful thing to have happened to mankind that no one seems to be complaining if they know the art of putting down their mind on a sheet of paper. Writing is an institution by itself and to be a part of this elite association is an achievement and a prestigious honor in every sense of it.
Emotions have always been played with and given the least priority as the homosapiens have shifted base from morality to moronity. This is where writing creates the difference to the upward rise the graph of the society. Just for a moment, had writing not been there then barbarism would have been the order of the day, leading to chaos and trauma.

My personal experience with writing has been a honeymoon session as it has helped me to see things from two sides and has helped me to know that to raise the living standards , one need to prioritize the importance between doing an important and less important task. Writing instills the self confidence within you and you never hesitate to say ''I AM WHAT I AM''. It is an energy booster that keeps the adrenalin rush pumping within you, enabling a chill run down your spine with the smell of a fresh sheet of paper. Writing creates the base for innovative thinking as much as other forms of art do. This form of art is an exclusive set up which creates its own specifications and makes it so easy yet difficult topic to be understood. Geography says that ''Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean'', I guess they had not considered the ocean of writing while making this statement.

The structure of writing is imaginatory and is left upto the discretion of the writer to give it a shape and that’s what makes this institution unique and dynamic in every bit of it.

It is unfortunate to see the present generation not making the best use of this art. All they need to do to be a part of this elite club is to press the buttons of a key board but how many actually do it is a question that can raise serious concern as we transit our base from generation X to generation Y. Its time that youngsters start making a note of the significance of this exclusive form of expression as it can in many ways contribute to the overall development of the society. Our ultimate aim being our well being I believe its the basic responsibility of every entity who is anyone to communicate his expression through the powerful mode of WRITING.

People have been appreciating my writing every time I jot down a few points or the other but never had I realized that I write pretty well. People like Prof. K. Murali Mohan (PESIM-HR Head), Ms. Vijayabharati (BBM English Madam), Ms. Rema Panicker (English Faculty in Class 10th), Sudip Dhar (Fellow Mate), Aishwarya Omprakash (PESIM-Junior), My MBA AYOGYA Mates have always spoken high and helped me in improving my style and standard of writing, yet there are two people who need special mention for sowing the seeds within me and creating an inclination for me towards writing. They are my Grand Father Mr. B.C. Patnaik, who used to make me write the editorial of English, Hindi, Oriya newspaper after reading them everyday early in the morning for 10 long years and my Class 11th-12th English teacher Ms. Mamta Banerjee. She is the one who actually made me believe that I can write and when I topped the CBSE class 12 English exams, she was like,''yeah I was expecting Sidhanta to do so'' and that boosted my self confidence.

(This piece of writing is a dedication to all the above mentioned people and I hope I keep developing on this base of mine to contribute to the mankind.)

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Time's Running Fast

The occasion of life is so beautiful that the aura of existing on this surface to cherish your days and moments simply takes over you when you try to fit into the role of a philosophical homo sapien.
Before I realise about tomorrow, my association with PES has entered the sun set stage.In a few days from now , batch 2005-2007(MBA) will be entering the post 3rd semester phase and thanks to the university, students can start being called as professionals from January 2007 which technically means that a decent enough student need not see the classroom once again after the 3rd semester exams get over but for appearing in the 4th semester exams in June 2007.
In a literal sense, the so called college life has finally knocked the exit door. Personally for me college door means PES door as its here that I spent all the 5 years of my college days running up and down the hill(up the hill-down the hill)
If my memory is still strong enough, it was on June 28th 2002 that I got down at Bangalore railway station at around 5.30am. Chily wind and cold atmosphere were the components that greeted me to the city of gardens. Like a typical small city boy, I was blank in my thoughts and had no expectations and also prefered people who made no expectations from me but I was matured enough by then to realise that the game of life had just taken a new, decisive and pragmatic turn!
It was 2002 and I am mentioning of 2007 MBA completion, now 5 years will be completed in Bangalore and there has been only one shelter for me- PES. Its been my home away from home in more ways than not and interestingly I have grown more at this home than the home in Bhubaneswar. Going into the details of how and why would not do justice to the topic.
Before I attended my 1st class, my association with PES began through the hostel. Being a first timer to hostel life, I handled the initial days of INTRODUCTORY sessions by seniors with much fun and enthusiasim. Interestingly I enjoyed every bit of my interaction with my hostel seniors and soon the ice was broken(It is true that ther's no ragging in PES). To state a matter of fact, I was slapped by my HOD in the very 1st week of my hostel life as I was trying to cover up a few seniors who were ragging my batch mates. 3 years in the Management block of PES Hostel will remain as one of my most memorable phases of life as I came across a totally new and different culture and socialism. Rules apart, it was fun doing the craziest of the things at our own peril. The evenings in the corridor and hostel mess were basically stress buster sessions and helped me hone my interpersonal skills. Knwoing new people and maintaining friendship with them is such an interesting thing to do in life that I was totally engrossed in doing it and never knew when 3 years just flew by. Mr. T.Seetharaman, the hostel warden had a mixed feelings towards me and till date I have not realised whether he thought me to be a hero or a villian.
Getting into the course was a blessing in disguise for me as all of a sudden I realised of the hidden potential within me. Till I came to Bangalore, I had never spoken in English to a large gathering but here I found that I can speak and speak really well as compared to fellow batch mates.Thanks to my English Ma'am (Vijaybharati Ma'am) who asked me to come on to the dais and speak about Indian Politics. I followed my intuition and spoke what I knew and in 2 minutes, the audience was applauding my thought flow.Wow!That was a confidence booster and since then there has been no looking back. The force within me has been kind enough to sustain the freshness as it was on the first day in bangalore though over the years I have learnt new skills of playing the game. BBM was the shell for me from where I taught the W's of life in a big city(What,Why,Where,When,Whose) , where every 2nd person you meet is one step smarter than you.
Mr. DHIMANT V. GANATRA(Presently in MATS, Bangalore)
Head of the BBM department when I joined the department. There was so much noise about him in the hostel that I was wandering who this guy is! As he entered the classroom to address the fresh batch, there was an aura associated to the atmosphere as he controlled the audience with the power of his speech and voice modulation. Much to the pre hyped expectations, he won the hearts of every single entity in no time. To start off I had a unfamiliar experience with him(after all I was the 1st student in our batch to be slapped by him) but just a few days before the college fest-VISTAS, I won his heart through my level of commitment and the level of energy and passion that I displayed,made him stand and notice me. Since then the association has bloomed and he is the core individual to have laid my foundation in Bangalore. Whatever popularity I enjoy today in PES wouldn't have been a thing of reality had he not given me the freedom to execute my thoughts at the cost of classes. He contributed a lot to a lot of my decisions in the initial 3 years. It was a sad incident when he quit college in 2004 but again that gave me a chance to see the world through my own eyes in my final year BBM. I could realise in no time, how people change colour
SURENDRA N.V.(Suri Anna)
Sourav and I were keen on getting hold of some work in VISTAS 2002 as we were pretty much interested in knowing what life is apart from books. We also had that small city mentality of doing whatever came our way. Incidentally Suri Anna was the person at the helm of affairs. Every time we went to him begging for work, he would give some excuse and ask us to come later. People of our batch who were not interested in contributing to the cause were dragged to execute ground level tasks just because they were better than us when it came to smartness and communication. It demotivated us as our dedication and desire were not being notice. The first work that we got after much persuading was that of a gate keeper for receiving the colleges on the registration day of VISTAS. My fellow batch mates had laughed away at us but we just sticked on to the task because we knew nothing but to work, whatever the profile may be. Seeing the interest level,Suri Anna slowly started considering us for tasks that were of better quality than that of a gate keeper. The turning point of our relationship came when he as a MBA student did Shiv Mani show in PES, which till date remains to be the biggest show in campus. Since then we have been talking on the same wave length when it comes to events and entertainement.He remains to be an inspiration till date and our cognitive plans of making it big in the entertainment industry keeps on being fueled, thanks to the level of sincerity that has existed in the relationship for nearly 5 years.
SUMANTH D.S. (Sumanth Bhai)
The best thing to have happened to my life. He is one person who has changed my total outlook towards life and keeps on adding new features to me till date. My association with him goes back to January 20th 2003, when I walked upto him and put forward one statement with a bit of courage and guts,''Sumanth Bhai, I want to be a part of the fest team and I am ready to work 24/7.'' The next question he asked me was what makes you feel that you can work -My answer was ''WORK IS WORSHIP.'' That was the single moment point which defined our relationship. From him I have learnt innumerable things but what stands out is he making me aware of the bliss associated with SMART WORK & PROFESSIONALISM. The mere process of observing every move of his for more than 4 years has added so much value to me that I have forgotten what was I before I met him. Commitment doesnt mean to slog, commitment means doing things the right way. Emotional involvement with your tasks is injurious to health. These are few things I have picked up from him among other precious lesons. Through him, I got close to a series of enthusiastic creative people like Rohit Bhai, Chirag Bhai, Madhukar Bhai, Arvind and everyone of them has kept on adding some or other value to my process. Incidentally it was Nitin Bhai who introduced me to the whole group. Another person who has made an impact on me is Naveen Bhai and it was again Sumanth Bhai's network that brought me close to Navin Bhai and gave me an opportuinty to have an insight on the event world through my brief stints at WIZCRAFT.With Sumanth Bhai, my association has been strengthening and the future looks to be full of experiences courtsey experiencial marketing strategies of SNAP Events & Consulting Private Limited.
Considered as THE LIFELINE OF PESIM, he is one individual who was a motivation for me to live life my way in the MBA department. For me Murali Sir is of MBA, what Dhimant Sir was of BBM. The freedom he has given will probably not be given by any other faculty in the history of PES BBM & MBA. His chamber was as good as the student activty room of the college. It was the place where thoughts were generated, ideas were given birth to and concepts were materalised. How can one forget those fun filled 2 month night outs at his place, with we both being the only teetollers among the lot.Those nights have left a print in the minds of every AYOGYA for so many reasons which for obvious reasons shouldnt be shared with peopel who were not a part of it. The late night snacks in his chamber, the serious discussions where I used to keep on explaining a few things only to find that he was lost in his own world and I had to start all over again, all those humor filled moments at crisis, all those singing sessions with Phalgun where I would be converted into a mere onlooker, all those friendly talks will now echo the hearts of everyone of us as he's leaving the department well before we do so. He was the one who used to be the face of the department in any issues related to the growth of PESIM as an entity.He was always there for all the reasons the department wanted him and the association was blooming big time.It is an unstated fact that he was the KING OF PESIM, for people who wanted to grow in the right path and who wanted to use PESIM as the platform to grow in Life.Department will miss the services of its stalwart as its time to move on in life and moreover every AYOGYA will now look at the chamber from quite a far distance as if its haunted..The mere presence of his in the corridor of PESIM used to bring a charm in everybody's face. I am afraid to mention that the charm and the aura will be a thing of past for people who knew what he meant to PESIM. A large void has been created!!!!It will take years before someone tries to fill it up with justice.Words cant describe the magnitude of the loss!!!!But the bottomline remains that we need to move on in life.
WHOELSE(Everyone with whom I have been directly or indirectly been associated in PES)
In this journey of 5 years I have come across people like Sourav Majumder, Sudip Dhar, Nishant-Rakesh-Kiriti-Ritiwik-Bodhaditya, Rajeev & Co, Prashant V.B & Co. other BBM & MBA Mates, juniors,seniors, AYOGYAS of PESIM, Prof. Venugopal Naidu, Ms. Sahana Umesh, Ms. Jessy Nair, compeitiors of other colleges (who have gone on to become good friends) ,who have contributed a major part to my growth as an individual.
Mentioning a line or two about Prof. Venugopal Naidu, it was his constant encouragement and motivation that led to my improvement as a speaker. My first major presentation was in his class and since that distant day so many presentations have been completed without much of vocabulary problem.
Three non living things that have given me a reason to live life the way I wish to in Bangalore are VISTAS, MANIT and FESTS. Organising fests and winning fests have gone into my blood in these 5 years and as I move on to my next phase of my life, it will take some time for the feeling to sink and some months before I come out of the nostalgia associated with inter college rivalry and competition. As Murali sir says, ''Patnaik lives for and on Fests''
This marathon phase in my life has just laid the foundation for greater peaks to be conquered. I wish to do justice to myself by making the best utilisation of the base I have created here in PES over the period of 5 long years. The road ahead has a lot many turns but I am confident of taking those sharp turns with agility. thanks to the experience gained at PES. A whole new world awaits!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Beginning-THE JOURNEY

The journey of life began for me on 7th October 1984(sunday), 10.48pm and since then life has been such a beautiful occassion to celebrate.
I find it amazingly different to be surviving here as 90% of the people around me keep cribbing about things that hold little importance in life. But for me like the remaining 10% of the mankind its always been a platform to understand the basic concepts with more intensity.
It took me around 3 years to get hold on myself as I first came out of home in the year 1987, thanks to my pre nursery school(Ruchika). After that I have never looked back though whatever I was doing till the age of 10-12 was being done in an unconcious state of mind.
The atmosphere around me always used to remain friendly and was full of bonhomie. I never knew what's a holiday because for me everyday was enjoyment. Never did my parents, rather grand parents i should mention forced me indoors or never did they take a call on my behalf. Right from my childhood it was made to me clear that it's your life, you live the way you want to without being dependent on others so take your own decisions. Then I used to feel bit lost as I wasn't able to recognise what's happening around me especially because all other friends of mine were so very dependent on their parents, even for a simple question whether they should go out of their house on a sunday morning?
The fact that I was always treated as an indivdual and all my commitments were given the importance they deserved made me feel grown up quite early in my life. For instance, I was never forced to go for any family occassions if I had my cricket match or a friends re union already prefixed in my schedule of things. There I learnt the importance of few words like commitment, time, dedication and the value of keeping words. I used to get bemused when it had to be me who had to go to all my friends house and convince their parents to get their ward out for playing or for class get togethers. But soon it became a part of the process and their parents started believing my words and till date in my hometown, people by using my name have been going out for dates and other bigger commitments of this age though I am in Bangalore. Looks like humor but that's what reality
It took me some time to realise the value that has been instilled within me right from my childhood and needless to mention because I was given a free hand quite early in my life, experience wise I am few steps ahead.
In a way right from my childhood I have been creating experience for people who were depended on their parents then and unconciously somewhere down the pipeline I have got into a profession which expects to create experience, though in a bit different way.
So here I am CREATING EXPERIENCE for people around me......
First it started unconciously,but now its the way I earn my bread.
For sure a long and eventful journey and hope the journey continues with some better experiences being created in the minds of the next set of people I come across(read clients)