Monday, November 13, 2006

The Beginning-THE JOURNEY

The journey of life began for me on 7th October 1984(sunday), 10.48pm and since then life has been such a beautiful occassion to celebrate.
I find it amazingly different to be surviving here as 90% of the people around me keep cribbing about things that hold little importance in life. But for me like the remaining 10% of the mankind its always been a platform to understand the basic concepts with more intensity.
It took me around 3 years to get hold on myself as I first came out of home in the year 1987, thanks to my pre nursery school(Ruchika). After that I have never looked back though whatever I was doing till the age of 10-12 was being done in an unconcious state of mind.
The atmosphere around me always used to remain friendly and was full of bonhomie. I never knew what's a holiday because for me everyday was enjoyment. Never did my parents, rather grand parents i should mention forced me indoors or never did they take a call on my behalf. Right from my childhood it was made to me clear that it's your life, you live the way you want to without being dependent on others so take your own decisions. Then I used to feel bit lost as I wasn't able to recognise what's happening around me especially because all other friends of mine were so very dependent on their parents, even for a simple question whether they should go out of their house on a sunday morning?
The fact that I was always treated as an indivdual and all my commitments were given the importance they deserved made me feel grown up quite early in my life. For instance, I was never forced to go for any family occassions if I had my cricket match or a friends re union already prefixed in my schedule of things. There I learnt the importance of few words like commitment, time, dedication and the value of keeping words. I used to get bemused when it had to be me who had to go to all my friends house and convince their parents to get their ward out for playing or for class get togethers. But soon it became a part of the process and their parents started believing my words and till date in my hometown, people by using my name have been going out for dates and other bigger commitments of this age though I am in Bangalore. Looks like humor but that's what reality
It took me some time to realise the value that has been instilled within me right from my childhood and needless to mention because I was given a free hand quite early in my life, experience wise I am few steps ahead.
In a way right from my childhood I have been creating experience for people who were depended on their parents then and unconciously somewhere down the pipeline I have got into a profession which expects to create experience, though in a bit different way.
So here I am CREATING EXPERIENCE for people around me......
First it started unconciously,but now its the way I earn my bread.
For sure a long and eventful journey and hope the journey continues with some better experiences being created in the minds of the next set of people I come across(read clients)


Ayan said...

Life can be beautiful or nightmarishly ugly depending on what one's perception is and what his or her KARMA is.

An Optimist doesn't just live a long life. He lives a complete life since he lives a lifetime in every heartbeat and he realizes that

"Everything that has a beginning has an end."

Whatever purpose one might fulfill in one's own life but the purpose of life remains the same: to begin and to end. The time period between this beginning and end is your time. Use it the way you want to and use it the best way you can beause there wont be any time when life fulfills its second puprose: to end.

The Truth was, is and will always be out there. Everywhere....

Amit said...

Thanks for the comments Ayan!Its nice to see u understand life with such maturedness!

Great going BRO!

LiveStrong said...

Nice blog.

harshakatwa said...

very interesting blog