Monday, December 18, 2006

Thoughts & Words- Play Them Your Way

The power of expression since ages has been termed as the birth right of a living entity. It is a right enjoyed by anyone. Denying anyone of such rights can be considered unlawful under a perfect economic condition. How we express is a pivotal question in the process of executing expression. Expression is an instant flow of emotion on being affected by a current situation or a sudden out burst of thought flow when things of the past sweet days come rushing back to tamper a bit of your memory cell. The recent advertisement of a cellular service provider significantly makes it clear that expression is the key to success. To live, one needs to explode so that the recycle bin of the human thought system is emptied on regular intervals, thereby giving scope for creativity and innovation to be re-defined with an additional flavour to it. To communicate is to express, that is what was always taught to us in our elementary classes. I wander as we grow in life, how many remember the lesson imparted by the sweet little teacher of the hay days. Whether you write, speak, keep silence or show body gestures, you are just crafting yet another mould to the world of expressive communication.

The art of writing has been a powerful mode of expression as it leaves the permanent mark of the ink for people of all generations to use it as a source of documentation. It is rightly said, pen is mightier than sword!

For me writing has come natural for reasons best known to the almighty. It is through this mode that I have always felt comfortable in expressing my thought process and displaying my emotions and attitude. People say that aggression comes with action and if we substitute action with expression, then the exact meaning of aggression gets a whole new fresh look. The league of writing is class apart as it builds in you, your wants though you never get a feel of how time passes by with literature. Writing is a pipeline and every bit one writes is just one step further. One starts fresh with ideas knocking the complexity of the brain and as the thoughts start getting a look of tangibility, the stature of the person grows in size and by the time, the piece of execution is over, the maturity of the individual would have reached a new high, taking you one more day ahead in life, a bit faster than your colleagues and peers. This expressive mode is faster than electricity as it ignites current with the power generated from literature.

My experience with writing has been a fruit reaping one in every sense. If Sachin has been scoring all those important runs for the country courtesy practice, then I have been growing with maturity every single day due to my writing which has been inculcated within me as a habit or a practice. It is such a beautiful thing to have happened to mankind that no one seems to be complaining if they know the art of putting down their mind on a sheet of paper. Writing is an institution by itself and to be a part of this elite association is an achievement and a prestigious honor in every sense of it.
Emotions have always been played with and given the least priority as the homosapiens have shifted base from morality to moronity. This is where writing creates the difference to the upward rise the graph of the society. Just for a moment, had writing not been there then barbarism would have been the order of the day, leading to chaos and trauma.

My personal experience with writing has been a honeymoon session as it has helped me to see things from two sides and has helped me to know that to raise the living standards , one need to prioritize the importance between doing an important and less important task. Writing instills the self confidence within you and you never hesitate to say ''I AM WHAT I AM''. It is an energy booster that keeps the adrenalin rush pumping within you, enabling a chill run down your spine with the smell of a fresh sheet of paper. Writing creates the base for innovative thinking as much as other forms of art do. This form of art is an exclusive set up which creates its own specifications and makes it so easy yet difficult topic to be understood. Geography says that ''Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean'', I guess they had not considered the ocean of writing while making this statement.

The structure of writing is imaginatory and is left upto the discretion of the writer to give it a shape and that’s what makes this institution unique and dynamic in every bit of it.

It is unfortunate to see the present generation not making the best use of this art. All they need to do to be a part of this elite club is to press the buttons of a key board but how many actually do it is a question that can raise serious concern as we transit our base from generation X to generation Y. Its time that youngsters start making a note of the significance of this exclusive form of expression as it can in many ways contribute to the overall development of the society. Our ultimate aim being our well being I believe its the basic responsibility of every entity who is anyone to communicate his expression through the powerful mode of WRITING.

People have been appreciating my writing every time I jot down a few points or the other but never had I realized that I write pretty well. People like Prof. K. Murali Mohan (PESIM-HR Head), Ms. Vijayabharati (BBM English Madam), Ms. Rema Panicker (English Faculty in Class 10th), Sudip Dhar (Fellow Mate), Aishwarya Omprakash (PESIM-Junior), My MBA AYOGYA Mates have always spoken high and helped me in improving my style and standard of writing, yet there are two people who need special mention for sowing the seeds within me and creating an inclination for me towards writing. They are my Grand Father Mr. B.C. Patnaik, who used to make me write the editorial of English, Hindi, Oriya newspaper after reading them everyday early in the morning for 10 long years and my Class 11th-12th English teacher Ms. Mamta Banerjee. She is the one who actually made me believe that I can write and when I topped the CBSE class 12 English exams, she was like,''yeah I was expecting Sidhanta to do so'' and that boosted my self confidence.

(This piece of writing is a dedication to all the above mentioned people and I hope I keep developing on this base of mine to contribute to the mankind.)


Mamta said...

seldom do you find people who express their obligation. I feel humbled by your words of dedication boy. Gud luck n happy new year!

Mamta (Ma'am)

aditi said...

Awesome way to give back to those special ppl who made us wat v r today....
weel, need i say anything abt ur writing skills????
u rock