Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating Women

For centuries the robust cultural attributes of the Indian society has caught the imagination of the westerners and in the Far East alike and for that a major share of credit goes to the women of the country who have been an integral founding limb of this heritage. If today the India we live in is viewed as colorful and vibrant and relatively safe in a volatile geographical zone then anyone with the slightest understanding of the community’s societal ethos will not find it difficult to unearth the secret behind the recipe. With the mushrooming of media channels, for the dearth of topics the debates centered on women’s inequality status in a male dominated society might have found an entry into our living rooms but the fact of the matter is these agendas are superficial and have looked politically driven at times. Any man worth his salt is fully aware of the opposite gender’s overall contribution to the exercise of society building and its significance in the history books. Today the role has by no margin diminished; if at all with India on its way towards becoming a new age global economy’s go to market, the influence has only increased by immeasurable standards which at times has become difficult for a section of shallow minded individuals to come to term with.

If an independent India produced individuals of the highest repute in the global scheme of things then a liberalized India’s biggest contribution to the world has been its efficient manpower’s ability to contribute handsomely in enhancing the bottom line of diverse multi national companies. Various studies have been commissioned by the developed nations to comprehend the background of such superlative performances but to gauge the actual reasons it is imperative for a researcher to peep behind the tangibles and observe the soft part of the quotient involved in the equation. A thorough study affirms an Indian’s ability to adapt under challenging conditions with a desire to succeed, a comparatively better peace of mind and the correlation between them as the key causes behind the commitment to excellence and for that undoubtedly the woman in the family deserves the admiration and adulation for breeding an environment of dignity and respect in the kid’s life, right from the day (s) he sees the world.

Power and money may be the two biggest lure that drive a man’s business ambition but the tool to attainment lies in the emotional stability and calmness of mind and that is enabled through the chain of relationships that the man shares with the special women in his life. If it is the mother who sacrifices her ways of leading life to accommodate the interests of a growing kid then the luckier ones find a best friend in their sister and as life evolves the girl friend, for the lack of a better word and then the wife become the best companion to confide to. The amount of love and affection that encompasses these relationships is directly proportional to anyone’s professional success.

Though for a man the biggest triumph of life lies in his ability to communicate his expression to a woman yet like any change that is difficult to digest, at times fingers have been pointed at women for complexities in the relationship status of a man once he foregoes bachelorhood. However a deep introspection brings out the harsh reality and more often than not it is the male’s chauvinism that is the culprit behind tainted bonds. An essence of a woman who is the nurturer lies in her ability to take care, love and shower affection and empathetically allow herself to absorb the emotional downpour of anyone who opens up their heart to her. It is her nature that provides the basis of harmonious existence in the society and to distrust and disrespect her stature and compassionate qualities is not only a shame but is a harbinger of deep loss of happiness to the community at large. Delicacy is a virtue that has been God gifted to women and for any man filled in abundance of it around him is a fortunate soul and for those who fail to realize this are either lunatics or have lost their sense for taste and judgment.

From an Indian context the society has changed more in the last twenty years than in the last two hundred years. In a free for all education set up to create notions of divide between two genders will not only alienate realities from fantasies but will also make it difficult for the future generations of women to accept the bargain for which it is pivotal for people across political lines and poverty lines to realize the larger significance of a woman in the continuous exercise of society building beyond being home makers. Not that her profile inside the house has changed but her need outside it has increased and to allow her to fulfill her new ambition and dreams along with raising kids and cooking meals is a trend that needs to be respected and given equal space to.

The clear heart and aspiring mind of a modern woman makes the society an elated space and to be breathing the same air is an honor and privilege and calls for lifelong celebration. Period.

Happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful souls around.

Sidhanta Patnaik
8th March 2011, 10.44pm
Marthahalli, Bangalore

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